The Perceived Threats of Computerized Accounting Information Systems
  Investigating the Perceived Threats of Computerized Accounting Information Systems in Developing Countries: An Empirical Study on Saudi Organizations Dr Ahmad A. Abu-Musa (Department of Accounting & MIS, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia)   Abstract The objective of this paper is to investigate the significant perceived security threats of computerized accounting information systems (CAIS) in Saudi organizations. An empirical survey using a self-administered questionnaire has been carried out to achieve this objective. The survey results revealed that almost half of the responded Saudi organizations have suffered financial losses due to internal and external CAIS security breaches. The statistical results also revealed that [...]
International Paper of Computerized Accounting From 2018-2020
Wijekoon, K. W. W. M. S. D., & Ratnayake, R. M. G. H. N. (2020). Impact of computerized accounting information systems on the financial performance of construction organizations in Sri Lanka. Download Habiba, Y., Azhar, M. N., Annuar, B. M. N., & Mastora, Y. (2019). Computerized accounting information system adoption among small and medium enterprises in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. International Journal of Accounting, Finance and Business (IJAFB), 4(19), 44-60. Download Bataineh, A. (2018). The Effect of Using Computerized Accounting Information Systems on Reducing Production Costs in Jordanian Pharmaceutical Companies. International Journal of Business and Management Invention (IJBMI), 7(7), 1-10. Download [...]
Digital Platform for Blue Collar Workers
Blue-collar workers are identical to “rough jobs”. This type of work is quite very available and required in every business environment – some are temporary, outsourced, also permanent. The tendency of this segment is filled with low skill workers, people who have minimal competence – generally due to poor access to education. According to 2019’s BPS data, low-skilled workers dominate the informal sector by 57.27%. As of the BPS survey, in August 2019, the average informal worker raised 1.4 million for income per month. In some cities, the number is equivalent to the UMR, but in big cities like Jakarta [...]
OpenJS Foundation: JavaScript Ecosystem Growth
  After six months of careful consideration and an immense amount of community feedback and collaboration, the Node.js Foundation and the JS Foundation are merging to form the OpenJS Foundation. This is an exciting step forward for the future of JavaScript as this newly merged Foundation will enable broader adoption and help accelerate the development of JavaScript and key ecosystem projects. We are most excited about the improved membership experience this new foundation brings. Members will see the benefits of streamlined operations and will have one, premiere destination for projects within the open JavaScript community where their infrastructure, technical, and [...]
The Right Approach for Mobile App Development
Getting ready to kick off your next mobile application project and not sure whether to build a native mobile app or a Progressive Web App? This guide is for you! At Ionic, we are fans of both traditional mobile apps (the kind you download from the app stores and install on your device) and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). And, we have the tools you need to build either, or both, types of apps. To help you decide which is better for your next project, we’re going to take a practical look at some of the top considerations for each one. [...]
Full Stack Developer
  How to become a full stack developer? As one of the hottest topics for developers, the discussions have never stopped. On LinkedIn and Facebook, lots of people put their job title as a full stack developer. Besides, it seems that the “Full Stack” topic has already become a new job trend. An article on Medium has discussed the full stack designer getting both praise and blame. Some people think that the full stack is just a title, what he/she should focus on is the real personal ability and technology. Essentially, I think the discussion about the full stack is [...]